Piano Faculty

The Piano Faculty team at the Gifted Music School, co-chaired by Dr. Whitney Pizza and co-founder Dr. Vera Oussetskaia-Watanabe, is dedicated to raising well-rounded individuals and artists. The international faculty features pedagogues and artists trained at some of the most important music schools in the world.
Students from the piano program have continued their musical and academic studies at prestigious music conservatories and academic institutions--including the Juilliard School, New England Conservatory, Peabody Conservatory, Stanford, and all major universities in Utah. Students have been heard on NPR's From the Top, KBYU-FM, regularly with the Utah Symphony, and awarded top prizes at national events and all local competitions.


Piano Area

Dr. Vera Oussetskaia-Watanabe, Piano Area Co-Chair
Dr. Whitney Pizza, Piano Area Co-Chair
Joanna Oshida, Supplemental Piano Coordinator
Dr. Conlan Miller, Conservatory Collaborative Pianist
Dr. Alie Yorgason, Suzuki Collaborative Pianist