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Mailing Address

Gifted Music School
150 South 1000 East
Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 300-1199


General Information

For general inquiries about any of our programs or offerings, please email


Preparatory Division & Student Services

Admission and registration details for our Preparatory Division can be on our registration information page or by emailing the Office of Student Services at

Preparatory Director: Elise Stanley
Student Services Manager: Susan Andersen


Conservatory Information

Audition and other important admission information for our full-scholarship Conservatory program can be found on our online admissions platform. Questions about our conservatory program should be directed to the Conservatory Director.

Conservatory Director: Meili Bell
Conservatory Assistant: Grace Gardiner


Advancement & Giving

Interim Director of Philanthropy: Katherine Potter​
Assistant Director of Philanthropy & Marketing: Cathy Green


Financial Aid Office

Any inquiries regarding financial aid, scholarships, and student/faculty travel grants should be directed to


Facilities & Maintenance

Questions about room availability, scheduling, facilities, and maintenance should be directed to