Gifted Music School's staff and leadership team are laser-focused on the school's mission, vision, and values.



Eugene Watanabe
Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe 


Senior Leadership

Heather Moore, Executive Director
Eugene Watanabe, Artistic Director
Justin Morgan, Dean


Program Administration

Meili Bell, Conservatory Director
Stacy Smith, Suzuki Program Director
Rachel H. Taft, GRIT Program Director
Katherine Baird, Suzuki Program Coordinator
Kristina Turner, Suzuki Program Coordinator



Adam Wester, Creative Director
Daniel Brown, Graphic Designer
Elijah Rizzuto Smith, Social Media Producer


Student Services

Susan Andersen, Student Services Manager
Joey Calkins
Noel Jacobsen
Anna Josephine Maxwell
Joanne Rowland


Office Staff

Matthew Gardner, IT Technician
Angela Roundy, Payroll Administrator


Artistic Staff

Katherine Baird, Preparatory Chamber Music Coordinator
Kelly McConkie Stewart, Faculty Recital Coordinator