Distinguished Masterclass Series

Distinguished guest artists come from throughout the world to give masterclasses at the Gifted Music School. Students are provided with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to observe, watch, and be inspired from leaders in their respective fields. Many of these classes are open to the public and provide local teachers and students with an incredible learning opportunity. Past masterclass presenters and guest artists have included Midori (USC), Yoheved Kaplinsky (Juilliard), Sel Kardan (President, Colburn), Micah Yui (Colburn), Roberto Diaz (President, Curtis), Robert Lippsett, Wei He (San Francisco and Juilliard), Andres Cardenes (Carnegie Mellon), Arnold Steinhardt (Curti), Richard Aaron (Juilliard/Michigan), Leon Fleisher (Peabody), Joseph Silverstein, Yong-Hi Moon (Peabody), Craig Jessop (USU), Barlow Bradford (University of Utah), David Kim (Philadelphia Orchestra). 



  • Lovro Peretić, guitarist (International Award-Winning Classical Guitarist)
  • Blanka Bednarz, violinist (Professor of Violin at the University of Utah and the Utah Valley University)
  • Scott Holden, pianist (Professor of Piano at Brigham Young University)
  • Brant Bayless, violist (Principal Viola of the Utah Symphony)
  • Hasse Borup, violinist (Professor of Violin and Head of String/Chamber Music Studies at the University of Utah)
  • Yu-Jane Yang, pianist (Professor of Piano and Director of Keyboard Studies at Weber State University)
  • John Eckstein, cellist (Utah Symphony and Adjunct Professor at the University of Utah)
  • Ralph Matson, violinist (Former Concertmaster of the Utah Symphony and faculty at the University of Utah)
  • Mary Anne Huntsman, pianist (Concert Pianist and Steinway Artist)
  • Donna Fairbanks, violinist (Professor of Violin and String Coordinator at Utah Valley University)
  • Aubree Oliverson, violinist (Concert Violinist and International Soloist)
  • Stephen Miahky, violinist (Professor of Violin at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University)
  • Esther Jeehae Ahn, pianist (Assistant Professor of Piano at Weber State University, Director of WSU Piano Festival)
  • Julio Elizalde, pianist (San Francisco Conservatory, The Juilliard School)
  • Matthew Zalkind, cellist (The Juilliard School, University of Michigan)




  • Sergey Belyavsky, pianist (Concert Pianist and International Competition Winner)
  • Ka-Wai Yu, cellist (Utah Tech University)
  • Cahill Smith, pianist (Utah State University)
  • David Halen, violinist (University of Michigan and Concertmaster of St. Louis Symphony)
  • Carol Wincenc, flutist (The Juilliard School)
  • John T. Posadas, violist and chamber musician (Gifted Music School and Utah Symphony)
  • Ian Swensen, violinist (Chair of Violin and Chamber Music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music)
  • Mary Anne Huntsman, pianist (Concert Pianist and Steinway Artist)
  • Kevin Shumway, cellist (Gifted Music School and Utah Symphony)
  • Seretta Hart, trumpeter (Gifted Music School and Brigham Young University)
  • Elizabeth Buck, flutist (Arizona State University)
  • Amir Eldan, cellist (University of Michigan)
  • Micah Yui, pianist (The Colburn School)
  • Anthony Arnone, cellist (New England Conservatory, Wichita State)


Past Guest Artists and Masterclasses






  • Koji Attwood, pianist (Gifted Music School)
  • Alan de Veritch, violist (California Institute of the Arts, California State University, and University of Southern California)
  • April Clayton, flutist & chamber coach (Gifted Music School & Brigham Young University)
  • Simon James, violinist (San Francisco Conservatory of Music)
  • Bruce Brubaker, pianist (New England Conservatory)
  • Matthew Zalkind, cellist (Assistant Professor at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music)
  • Meng Su and Yameng Wang, classical guitarists 
  • Ian Swensen, violinist (San Francisco Conservatory of Music)
  • Danielle Belen, violinist (University of Michigan)
  • Megan Mason, violist (The Juilliard School and University of Michigan)
  • Dr. Keenan Reesor, pianist (University of Southern California and Utah State University)







  • Sel Kardan, violist (The Colburn School)
  • Micah Yui, pianist (The Colburn School)
  • Midori Goto, violinist (University of Southern California)
  • Wei He, violinist (San Francisco Conservatory of Music)