Our Mission

Gifted Music School nurtures artistry, character, and skills vital to a healthy community through exceptional comprehensive music education.


Unparalleled Music Education for All

Gifted Music School has established itself as the premier children's music school, guided by excellence and the principle that all children, regardless of socio-economic background, should have access to the benefits of music instruction and mentorship. For over a decade, Gifted Music School has trained the finest young musicians to be the epitome of excellence. Because of music education, students develop the acumen and aptitude to excel in every aspect of life. At Gifted Music School, we produce amazing musicians, mentors, and leaders to become ambassadors of the world.


Our Founders

Launched in 2009 by Eugene and Vera Watanabe, Gifted Music School sought to make exceptional, comprehensive music education available to children in Utah. Deborah Moench was among the visionary founding board members. Recruiting world-class faculty, Gifted Music School made outstanding training accessible through generous scholarships. Soon, GMS students started consistently winning competitions, both locally and nationally. Graduates began to be accepted to the nation’s top schools, including The Juilliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, academic programs at Stanford, and all Utah universities. An extraordinary organization took flight.


Our Programs

Gifted Music School operates multiple programs that form an integrated pathway from preschool through high school graduation. Each program is vital to the others in achieving our long-term goal – to enable children to become the community leaders and engaged citizens of tomorrow. 



Utah's Governor award at the Governor's Mansion.
Salt Lake City Mayor's award.
Salt Lake County's Commission on Youth award.
Governor Award vera and eugene and herbert