GMS Conservatory Curriculum

The rigorous music lessons and curriculum of the Conservatory at Gifted Music School includes instruction in music theory, music history, performance practice, chamber music, and string sectionals and rehearsals. Woodwind literature and ensemble classes benefit our woodwind students, and for piano students, piano ensemble and sight-reading. 

Conservatory students also perform three major concerts each year in addition to the Showcase Concert and Chamberpalooza. Students perform community outreach events at public schools twice each year.

Additional performance opportunities include private house concerts and other community events as determined by executive staff. Past events have included featured concerts for non-profit events, spotlighted performances at local community libraries and film events, the 2015 ASTA National Conference, and an art-house grand opening.

Conservatory Student Handbook

All new and returning Conservatory students must review, sign, and acknowledge the Conservatory Student Handbook (in addition to the schoolwide policies and procedures). The Handbook contains pertinent information about life in the Conservatory, rules and regulations of the program, and more.

Conservatory Class Schedule 2023-2024

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Electives & Optional Classes

Performance Class |  First Thursday Of Each Month @ 6:00-7:00 pm

Mr. Eugene Watanabe holds a weekly workshop designed for students who are preparing for upcoming performances, auditions, and competitions. Students are instructed on how to present themselves during a performance, deal with nerves, play with confidence, and prepare adequately during personal practice. Students receive feedback from their peers and Mr. Watanabe. Conservatory students may attend this class at any time during the year; the attendance policy does not apply to this class. However, favored performance spots will be given to students who regularly attend and participate in the class.

Viola for Violinists | Saturday @ 2:00-2:45 pm

Conservatory violinists will have the opportunity to expand their musicality and demand as a musician by adding the viola to their toolkit. Violinists who register for this enhancement course will receive training in reading alto clef and creating beautiful tone on the viola. Violinists will also learn the subtle technical differences between violin and viola and be introduced to the great violists throughout history. Students who choose to take this class are enrolled for the year and must attend every class as dictated by the Conservatory attendance policy.


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