Viola Lessons

Learning to play the viola at the Gifted Music School opens up myriad exciting opportunities for students. Viola students at the Gifted Music School may take viola group classes, recitals, masterclasses, jury examinations, and discover how rewarding it is to be the inner voice in chamber and orchestral music, all while studying with a world-class faculty. 
Becoming a violist means becoming part of a tight-knit family, both locally and internationally, and being at Gifted Music School gives students close proximity with other local viola organizations. We highly recommend that our students, even while very young, become part of the Utah Viola Society and American Viola Society, taking advantage of the wonderful recitals, inspiring masterclasses and workshops, and unique conferences those great organizations provide. Students studying or beyond Suzuki Book 3 are also welcome to audition for Alto Voce, an advanced violas-only performing ensemble that holds its rehearsals at the Gifted Music School.

Viola Faculty

Kristina Turner, Suzuki Viola Coordinator
Erin Nolan
John T. Posadas



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