Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)  Dr. Lisa Matsuda and Ms. Kris Turner "mommy (or daddy!) and meclass/ Ages 0-3 / Saturday 9:30am-10:30am / $280 per (17 week) semester (includes $25 materials fee for new families) 
The Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) curriculum offers a weekly, interactive experience designed to benefit the very youngest child (0-3 years) accompanied by a parent/caregiver.
In a nurturing, positive environment, students gain behavioral, social, language, and math skills while participating in musical activities, songs and rhymes.

While the benefits of preschool are widely known and appreciated, recent scientific findings indicate that, even prior to typical preschool ages (2-5 years), infants are capable of acquiring skills that lay a solid foundation for future learning and development. Interactive activities are far superior in establishing important neural pathways compared to simply listening to music. While an infant’s lack of motor skills and physical strength might seem to limit their capabilities, early childhood educators have witnessed very young children readily and eagerly gaining a sense of empathy and community through musical play. In addition, increases in a child’s self-confidence and self-restraint occurred. 

In an environment optimized to allow a young mind to focus and absorb information, SECE classes foster much more than a child’s behavioral development and social awareness. Enhanced learning skills, that will prove beneficial throughout life, can be gained from early experiences involving math and language.

Due to the repetitive nature of SECE activities a child’s vocabulary grows at an accelerated rate, and mathematical and musical concepts are internalized. Great care has been taken to design a collection of listening activities paired with singing, dancing and/or hand-play that allow these important, early advances to occur. 

Paramount to SECE classes is the accompanying parent (or caregiver), who is the child’s most important role model and educator during this critical, early-learning period. Children, supported and encouraged by others, are best able to engage in SECE musical play, and reap the many benefits. While student ages will likely vary widely, this is an important aspect to every class.

Recent parent feedback:
"My 2 year old and 7 month old are both enrolled in the Suzuki Early Childhood Education class.
It has been wonderful to watch them gain an appreciation of music and confidence in their abilities."
"My daughter now calms herself down when we turn on the CD music or sing along with her."
"This class has been very valuable. My little girl has been more responsive to music since we started. She recognizes the songs we sing and she loves classical music. The class is also fun for me; the peaceful atmosphere is relaxing and I get to spend quality time with my daughter with no other distractions. She also loves when we do the songs at home."


Want to know more? Check out these videos about SECE.


* Thank you to Lynn McCall, SECE Teacher trainer Suzuki Association of the Americas