Music Foundations Preschool


Music Foundations classes offer young children a wonderful opportunity to foster and deepen their blossoming music skills in an engaging and age-appropriate way

Young children are primed for absorbing and learning from their environment. They readily engage with and respond to music. Through the body, voice, mind and ear, our young musicians develop an enduring enjoyment and love of music as they establish foundation skills for more formal aspects of music learning: singing, beat/rhythm, structure, style and expression.

Music Foundations classes are taught by early childhood music educators with specialized training and who are practicing musicians. Children use their whole bodies to engage actively in music-making. They develop strength and coordination, balance, and a sense of their bodies in space. Activities are designed to engage fine and gross motor skills and reinforce fundamental coordination and cross-cerebral movements.

Research demonstrates that interactive music making reinforces a broad range of skills, including math, speech and language, empathy and motor skills.

Music Foundations Preschool classes foster:

  • Physical development
  • Language/vocabulary development
  • Math/patterning development
  • Beat/rhythm development
  • Social development

A parent or caregiver must accompany their child to Music Foundations Preschool classes. This adult is the child’s most important musical and social role model and educator during this critical, early-learning period. Children, supported and encouraged by others, are best able to engage in musical play, and reap the many benefits. This is an important aspect to every class.

Class schedule:  Once a week, 45 minutes, for 10 weeks each semester, beginning the week of September 11th.

(The days listed below are potential days and times that the class could be offered.  Registration numbers will determine the final days and times of the class.)

Possible class days and times:

Mondays:  4:00-4:45
Thursdays: 4:45-5:30
Mondays-Thursdays:  10:00-10:45

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Course Details
Katherine Baird and Kimberly Marsden
Meets See above
Duration 45 minutes
Length 10 weeks
Starts September 11 or 14, 2023
Ends November 27 or 30, 2023
Age Range 2-5 years
Parents, toddlers/preschoolers
Location On Campus (In-Person)


Tuition for GMS Families

Tuition for All Others
$125/semester $175/semester


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