Early Childhood Program 

Emilie Lundberg, Early-Childhood Program Chair


Give your child a proven head start! These musical education classes have been developed especially for children younger than 7 years old. 


Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)  Dr. Lisa Matsuda and Ms. Kris Turner "mommy (or daddy!) and meclass/ Ages 0-3 / Saturday 9:30am-10:30am / $280 per (17 week) semester (includes $25 materials fee for new families) 

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) curriculum offers a weekly, interactive experience designed to benefit the very youngest child (0-3 years) accompanied by a parent/caregiver.
In a nurturing, positive environment, students gain behavioral, social, language, and math skills while participating in musical activities, songs and rhymes.

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Suzuki Bridge Class / Dr. Lisa Matsuda and Ms. Brecklyn Ferrin / Ages 4-7 (with parent) / Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm / $235 per (8 week) semester (includes 8 weeks of Suzuki Bridge and 2 weeks of Private Lessons) / GMS East Classroom A / Session 1 begins February 7, 2020 & Session 2 begins April 3, 2020

1) Weeks 1-6:  The Suzuki Bridge portion of the Class will be held for 6 weeks.  These 6 classes will primarily focus on Suzuki Education.  No instruments are needed at the beginning of this class as the students have not chosen their instrument of focus yet.  The 1st 30 minutes of this class include music and movement, repertoire review, pulse in the music, etc.  In the 2nd 30 minutes, the parents are removed from their children and taken into a different room where Parents are educated in the Suzuki Philosophy and method and the children continue music and movement activities.  

2) Weeks 7-8:  Instruments have been chosen and there is a bridge between the Suzuki Group class and private lessons. Students will begin Private lessons with a chosen teacher and will have these two weeks as a trial with this teacher.  Suzuki Bridge class will continue for these two weeks.

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Kodaly-based Music Preschool / Ms. Emilie Lundberg / Ages 3-4 / Saturday 9:50am-10:20am / $155 per (17 week) semester

A perfect beginning class to introduce your preschooler to classical music! Students will discover the joy of music through a variety of activities including singing, playing music makers and purposeful movement. 

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Kodaly-based Music Essentials  / Ms. Emilie Lundberg / Ages 4-6 / Saturday 9:00am-09:45am / $238 per (17 week) semester

Building on the skills learned in Music Preschool, students in the Music Essentials I class learn to match pitch, sight-sing simple songs, keep the beat and read rhythms. In addition, this class helps children learn to love classical music and the composers in a child-centered way. This class is a perfect way to enhance private lessons and is a fantastic introduction to music enjoyment for children. 

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Dalcroze Music & Movement / Ms. Mira Larson / Ages 5-7 / Mondays 4:45pm-5:25pm / $255 per (17 week) semester

In a hands-on approach to music education, children will explore musical concepts such as meter, tempo, phrase, form and dynamics through rhythm games, creative movement, songs, stories, ear training, sight-singing and improvisation. This class is an ideal complement to instrumental lessons, or a great preparation for studying an instrument. 

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