Individual Donors with gifts or pledges made between June 1, 2019 - May 31, 2021 (ongoing list):

We thank the following Individual Donors. Gifted Music School would not be possible without each and every one of you, no matter the size of the gift. Please note, this list is updated throughout the year.


Legacy Donors

Cumulative lifetime giving $100,000+

Arthur O. and Georgia M. Dummer

Joel and Diana Peterson

Leon and Karen Peterson

Dorotha Sharp Smart

Eugene Watanabe and Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe


Cumulative lifetime giving $50,000-$99,999

Dr. Lou and Deborah Moench

The late Barbara Tanner


Title Sponsors ($20,000-$49,999)

William and Pat Child


Producers ($10,000-$19,999)

H. Roger Boyer

Rinar and Kelly Erickson

Dr. Gary F. Larsen

Emma Xue and Xuesong Huang


Performers ($5,000-$9,999)

Errol Earnisse


Artists ($1,000-$4,999)


Travis and Akemi Call

Dr. Antonio and Maria Cutillo

Adam and Kate Day

Rebecca Dowdell

Dr. Scott Epstein and Jonah Sokoloff

Susan Goodfellow

Tiffany Gordon

Dr. J.P. and Elaine Hughes

​Dr. Kristen Keefe and Mr. Herb Hayashi

Scott and Allison Kendell

LeAnn Lindsey

Alan and Marilyn Morris

Ben and Alex Peterson

Bruce and Sara Robinson

Dr. Faizi A. and Saba Siddiqi

Rodney and Bobbie Snow

Paul and Kim Stringham

Michelle and Adam Wester


Patrons ($500-$999)

Jon and Elizabeth Cole

John and Jane Covey

David and Jena Fotheringham

Carolyn Tanner Irish

Karl E. Lind

Athanasios and Catherine Mattas

William Ohlsen

Eric and Jeana Quigley

Jason and Rachel Sabin

Stephenie Spangler

Kyle and Marilyn Taft

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Amy Tait

Drs. Anwar Tandar and Wendy Chu

Scott and Tonia Williams


Friends ($100-$499)  

Drs. Ali and Musarret Ahmed

Mark E. and Marilyn F. Anderson


Anne Bayless

Brandon Bickmore

Lynn Boberg

Brenda Brown

Grzegorz Bulaj

Robert Candland

Mr. Michael Chikinda

Juan Coles

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Collett  

May Way Conrad

Rachel Daines

David and Donna Dalton

Ray and Brenda Daurelle

Lalindra De Silva

Amanda Diamond

Mr. Laird Dummer

Gregory and Jane Earl

Lisa Evans

David and Bonnie Felger

M. Scott Fisher

Wen Yuan Flatt

Dr. Nancy N. Futrell

Matthew and Brittany Gardner

Jason and Kierstin Glenn

Rich and Jackie Hartwick

Michelle Herzog

Richard and Patricia Howells

Scott Huntsman

Jeffery Johnson

Scott and Lori Johnstun

Nancy P. Keefe

Ted Lewis

Katherine Liddle

Ryan and Tonya Marshall

Victor and Denise Method

Justin Morgan

A. Mourik

J. David Nelson

Julie Nelson

Karen Oleyar

Coleen Paderewski

Holly Parkin

George and Anne Clark Pingree

Mary-Margaret Pingree

Wendy Preston

Katherine Potter

Branden Randall

Mrs. Julie W. Rencher

James Romano

Leonard Romney

Kirstin Roper

Walter and Marilyn Rudolph

Soumya Sastry

Jeremy and Kelly Schaub

Barbara and Michael Soulier

Marjorie Spencer

Richard and Ann Staples

Evan A. and Beverly A. Terry

​Jonathan and Julie Vaas/Facelli

Corrine Welt

Judith Whittlesey

Suzanne Wirthlin

Fusheng Wu


Ushers ($1-$99)

Pat Anderson

Jerald and Marilyn Bradshaw

Hannah Brown

Patricia Burg

Brooks Carter

Gail Daneker

Rebecca Devonas

Charlotte Diamond

Mr. Arlen Ekberg

Robert Finkelstein

Wen Flatt

Matt and Amy Foulks

Keva Gneiting

Suzy Griesel

Megan Hilton

Diane Hinman

Kathie Horman

Dale and Renee Hull

Jennifer Hulse

Joseph and Celinda Jensen

Donna Rosatti Johnson

Brian Jorgensen

Melvin and Lueen Kirkham

Ashley Koford

Jeanne Lancaster

Laura Lee

Jacob Lipham

Jana and Jentz Losser

Megan Mason

Sharalyn McKell

Robert and Sarah Means

Gina Morgan

Erin Nolan

Rosemary Olsen

Jeff Parkin

Linda J. Petersen 

Whitney Pizza 

Dan and Susanne Price     

Veronica Quinones

Sue Gitterman Epstein Reinish

Joanne Rowland

Ludwika Rozwadowska

Jamesina Simpson and Gregory Feucht

Kelly McConkie Stewart

Patricia A. Stoppi

Janet L. Trayner

Ellen VanDam

Kara Wheeler


Alumni donors, 2009-2019

Hannah Brown

Justin Morgan