Flute Private Lessons

The flute instruction offered at the Gifted Music School is exceptional. Flute students may begin study as young as 7 years old. At the Gifted Music School, children can grow their abilities to artist level and beyond. The school also offers the student the possibility of a complete music education including private lessons, theory, chamber music, and orchestral learning experience.

The Gifted Music School currently offers traditional flute lessons.

Traditional flute lessons usually begin around age 7, students with a very committed parent may contact the school for an exemption to begin at a younger age. Traditional flute lessons emphasize skill development that is concurrent with reading music. 

(Coming in January 2018) The Suzuki flute method begins teaching students flute and music as young as 2 years old. Even if children cannot read, they can begin Suzuki flute lessons, which emphasize listening, repetition, and loving encouragement from parents and teachers.

If you would like to learn more about flute lessons at the Gifted Music School, contact us.

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Flute Faculty

Dr. April Clayton, Flute, Woodwind Area Chair