Blog | Dec 11

Solfege - 5:00PM on Monday (Starts Jan. 7)

With Gifted Music School Founder Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe

Solfège with Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe,

Founder of Gifted Music School. Ages 5-15  |  Monday 5:00pm  $300/semester.

This class sets children up for a lifetime of musical success - Highly Recommended prior to starting an instrument, OR concurrent with private lessons. Interactive, aural-based, and fun, it lays a concrete foundation for functional skills in ear training, solfège, applied keyboard skills, and more. Taught by GMS founder, Dr. Vera Oussetskaia-Watanabe, this special class is modeled after the beginning music class taught in the legendary Russian Gifted Music Schools. Students and parents agree – Don't Skip It!