Blog | Jul 1

A Recapitulation

Over the past four months, resilience has been the metronome to our music!

In response to the unforseen global pandemic, Gifted Music School set out to, as it were, compose a new piece (we'll call it Resilience in C Major). 

Accomodating the campus closures, private lessons and group classes went entirely online through platforms such as Zoom and Whereby. Unstopped in their progress, students have continued to meet with their teachers through the phone or the computer screen. 

In late March, the school launched the Resilience Campaign 

As a part of that campaign, the school began sending out weekly video performances of current students and alumni calling it the Friday Soirée Series.

Come early May, the Suzuki program produced their first session of the Suzuki Parent Pep Talks Series making the wisdom of faculty members available online to any interested persons, free of charge. 

Gifted Music School traditionally hosts a large Gala in the spring, but due to the circumstances of the pandemic, it was postponed. In a wave of ingenuity, the school performed on a "new stage" in late May and put on a full length online concert: the Resilience Celebration

Dr. Koji Attwood's educational Exploring Music courses are now being generously offered for free, for six consecutive weeks this summer.  



Being resilient isn't only something we do in a crisis. As we continue to "arrange the music" of the coming months, we can't wait to see what creative solutions and opportunities await all of us! 

All donations that came in by June 30, 2020 were matched by the Board of Directors! Thank you for your belief in the school and for your gifts that make the music possible.