Blog | Mar 29

GMS Faculty Helps to Find Link Music & Pain Relief

Take two sonatas and call me in the morning?

Take two sonatas and call me in the morning? It’s possible that’s good medical advice, thanks to research recently done at the University of Utah that shows a connection between music and pain relief.

A research paper published Wednesday in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, chiefly authored by researchers at the U., found that mice who listened to Mozart and were given ibuprofen had inflammation pain reduced 93 percent compared to mice who only got the drug.

“We know these drugs work without music but they can produce toxicity and adverse effects,” said the paper’s senior author, Grzegorz Bulaj, an associate professor in the U.’s Medicinal Chemistry department. “The holy grail is to combine the right drug in this new paradigm of music exposure, so we do not need as much drug for analgesic effects.”