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A Beautiful Heart: The Suzuki Program Parent Pep Talks Series

"Suzuki parents . . . share laughs, ideas, struggles, triumphs, and community while learning together . . . " - Stacy Smith

Being a Suzuki parent is often a lonely endeavor. It’s you and your child and the instrument in the practice room, and it can be easy to wonder if you’re the only one whose child resists practicing, spends more time flopped on the floor than making music, or who wonders on a weekly basis if music lessons are actually working for your family. Seeing a familiar face, hearing an encouraging word, and knowing that you’re not alone on this musical journey can make all the difference.

When this period of social distancing and online learning began, the Gifted Music School teachers were brainstorming ideas to maintain connection with our students and studio families. While missing the in-person connection, we knew that meeting together to share our experiences and share inspiration could be a lifeline to Suzuki parents who were otherwise isolated. Our “Parent Pep Talks” series was born from the idea that just as Suzuki students gain motivation and encouragement from meeting together for group lessons, so could Suzuki parents benefit from joining regularly to share laughs, ideas, struggles, triumphs, and community while learning together.

Offered free as a gift from the Gifted Music School to the Suzuki community, the GMS Parent Pep Talks are open to any interested parent or teacher. Our Suzuki community here in Utah has been joined by teachers and parents from all over the county, hearing Melissa Thatcher talk about ways to optimize online learning; Brittany Gardner discussing motivation and learning styles; Kelly McConkie Stewart encouraging us to teach and love the child in front of us; Anne Francis Bayless discussing how Suzuki learning can lead to lifelong success; Megan Mason comparing habits of successful Suzuki families and successful college students, and many others.

Don’t miss this chance to join with other parents and teachers who are committed and invested in Suzuki Music Education. You will leave motivated, encouraged, and inspired.

You don’t need to be a current Gifted Music School family to take advantage of this - everyone is welcome.

Sign up free here.

There are five Parent Pep Talks remaining during summer semester.

Join us the following Fridays, from 2:15-3:00MDT on Zoom!

We look forward to seeing you. 


Friday, June 19

Friday, June 26

Friday, July 31

Friday, August 7

Friday, August 14


Stacy Smith, Gifted Music School Suzuki Program Director